Tandem Gamers

The first thing I always do when looking for new games on Steam is narrow the search by multiplayer.
I've been critisised for this on many occasions, but for me its the most important part.

I understand I may miss out of some amazing narrative or unique exploitative adventure while avoiding single player games.

For me, For my time in game, I choose to share it with my friends. I believe that interaction with a virtual environment is something best experienced together. surrounded by friends and family, some times enemies. The best experiences for me are augmented mostly by those we choose to share them with. So lets go on an adventure!

Book Update

We finished the set this last week and are able to publish the whole lot. Each book turned out better than the last.

By the end I had added a thin cardboard to improve the edging of the felt. and we found that supporting the spine with cloth before reattaching the covers added some needed structure.


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Building a Grimoire

It seems only fit that after a year of Grimoiredesign it seems only right that I we build at least one Grimoire. I wanted to design a simple box to hold cards and Table top items. I wanted to build something from scratch but I decided that I probably didn't need to reinvent the wheel. It look a lot of time to deside on colors and materials. I eventually chose to use a brown fake leather and apply the Green mana symbol. 

The build materials included:

  • Used Dictionary
  • Exact-o Knife
  • Green Felt
  • Brown fake leather cloth
  • All purpose craft glue
  • Ideology Book corners

I started off the project by finding a book that would fit my card boxes. I was able to find an out of date dictionary at a local thrift shop for a few dollars. I then used a mixtures of 2:1 water and glue to bind the outer edges of the paper.  I had originally started by cutting the pages out 2 or 3 at a time but this became an issue at the corners i decided that I needed to remove the edge material. My solution came as a half in drill bit.

This project became a test of  patients and endurance. This being my first attempt I may have tried a few to many "new" techniques but after the 3rd or 4th try I was able to get it down to a science. Practice and patients are the best tools when trying a new build.  JUMP HIGHER!

I got tired of waiting for the right motivation and decided to make it myself.

I kept telling myself to get MOTIVATED and create. I should really sit down and make something amazing. I should practice more. I should write that comic book. As this year started to pass by I soon realized that MOTIVATION is not what I have been lacking. I have been lacking in DISCIPLINE

The truth of the matter is if you only sit down and sketch/paint/write once a week. you'll only do about 50 articles a year. That realization scared me. I want to be producing and creating all the time. The only way to improve is to create; waiting for the right motivation lower that number even more. To that end I need more discipline and more practice. The way accomplish this for me is by making a sketch diary. Every day I will fill a new page/set of pages even if I have to stay off going to bed to do so. My friend Emma K. has been doing this for years and I love watching her artwork grow and evolve.

Links to Emma's work: http://www.emmajanekimmell.com/    |  http://emmajaneart.com/


I will be adding monthly updates to my work here, and I've already found though out the month of July, that as I sketch more and more I tend to find my motivation to take a piece to completion. 

Feel free to ask me to keep working on a piece if you really enjoy something. comments and critiques are always welcome. Enjoy!

Here are some of the Pieces I finished up based on my sketches.

JUMP HIGHER! - Nicholas R. Wood

The only lifting I do is pen to paper

It's easy to say "I will sketch a little bit every day".  For a time It's even easy to do so, but you miss one day, then another. Pretty soon you're forgoing the sketching all together and start eating hamburgers everyday for  lunch.  As I've let my sketching go, when I come back to it I feel as though I've lost a lot of my talent.  Falling out of practice is a horrible feeling, but it not a perminat state. Just like the gym, going back is hard. Once you're  back into the rhythm, it's hard to understand why you stoped at all. 

Don't hold yourself back.  Keep your body and mind sharp with Practice.  Here is my pledge.     Day one of many.


Start the day with breakfast and:

Followed by 10 to 20 minutes of:

This is my new morning routine. Lets work and grow together.

Tutorials and spitpainting

I sat down today Wanting to draw some spaceships. Some where along the way I got distracted by squids.

There is nothing wrong with distracted during your creative process. The more you sketch the more you learn. I found a lot of inspiration watching and listening to Scott Robertson and an interview with Chris Ayers.

Check them out if you have the time. Scott Robertson's youtube channel is an Amazing resource for tutorials and theory.

squidsfrom thedeep02.jpg

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