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I am a conceptual designer and world builder. Specializing in virtual character and world development and interactions.

  • Associates of Visual communication and Graphic design from ITT-tech Boise, Idaho - 2010
  • Bachelors of Science in Virtual Technology and Design from the University of Idaho - 2014
  • Masters of Integrated Architecture and Design at University of Idaho - Current
  • Research Grant recipient from the EPSCoR -2014-2015
  • 2 Telly Award nominations - 2014
  • Bronze Telly Award winner - 2014

Polymorphic Games

Project Lead - Polymorphic Games
2016 - current
Moscow Idaho

I had the honor of leading the team the team of Polymorphic Games studio on Darwin's Demons. Darwin's Demons is an evolutionary driven space shooter taking place in the Polymorphic universe against the Protean Swarm.

My contribution induced:

  • Team direction of an interdisciplinary team of Scientists, Computer Scientists, Biologists, Artists, Musicians and Documentarians.
  • Art direction of small art team including 2d and 3d artists.
  • Concept design - character and ship design
  • World building - Story and  character development
  • Development of upgrade system
  • Upgrade and unlock balance. 
  • Game testing and deployment.

 Learn more at - - Youtube -

Animatic Concept for Evolve TD

This is the Animated storyboard for the introduction of EvolveTD. A game in development by University of Idaho Students. I Digitally painted all the assets In Photoshop cc 2014 and composed the video in Aftereffects cc 2014 The song is "The Ginger Girl" - Unknown artist, Public domain aditional sounds from

3D Animation/Materials/VideoProduction

3d key frame animations: 
Work done for the University of Idaho, School of Food Sciences.
Character models by Zygote

Virtualized SES - Salmon Sim

Unity 3d asset development and Environmental design for VTL deployment.

3ds Max, Photoshop, Quixel Unity 3d

Digital Media

I've been doing concept art and building unity assets for 5+ years now. Some of my work can be found Here on my ArtStation or on my concept art page.

Traditional media and Sculpture

The Shield Project

Building Grimoires

Digital Sketch Book

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