Matt Ziegler

As a designer I am interested in applying the tools and techniques of design method to explore, combine, remix, and interact with all kinds of media.  I have been an active media producer for most of my adult life.  The core of my experience has been as a professional video producer, but as my understanding of media expanded so did the work I was able to take on.  My video experience provided me an opportunity to work with Professor Brian Cleveley at the University of Idaho as a Virtual World Builder.  I was charged with the task of producing machinima to document stories and user experiences within a real-time interactive multiuser environment created by the university.  From there I expanded into world building and took on projects such as creating an online interactive virtual tour for the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University.

During my years as an undergraduate I was confronted with even bigger questions and design challenges.  Not only about what the future can be but what it should be and why.  From a world-building perspective we are faced with a new paradigm where an ever expanding circle of our global society is transforming into a new class of architects.  Often without the constraints of traditional formal education, this rapidly growing group are building entire worlds and reshaping our concept of shared space.  This is a quickly and constantly evolving area of our lives, and therefore begs additional questions of the psychological and social aspects of these complex and fluid systems.

These elements of my professional and academic work have coalesced to form what I now define as the driving force behind my future pursuits. Exploring the boundary between our physical and virtual environments and how we will conceptualize, visualize and  interact with those spaces, each other and the greater shared environment in the future will be the cornerstone of my post-graduate research.

  • B.S. Virtual Technology and Design, 2014

  • President, IDEA student group, 2013

  • Game Developers Conference, 2012

  • National Association of Broadcasters conference, 2008


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